Where I have worked          


logo Le Monde informatique

Le Monde informatique / Since décembre 2017 / Suresnes, France

I write articles about IT in general. All contents of this media is addressed to professionnals of the sector.


logo Le Nouvel Economiste

Le Nouvel Économiste / September 2017 - September 2018 / Paris, France

I make articles about economy themes for the print magazine and the website.


logo Mediacites

Mediacités / Since May 2017 / Lyon, France


logo Figaro

Le Figaro / August - October 2017 / Paris, France

I watched the AFP telegrams to make news flashes. I wrote hot news articles, analysed data and make other pieces longer.


logo Poids des mots

Paris Match / February & April 2017 / Levallois-Perret, France

The Paris Match's datajournalists created the first french search engine to find again words pronounced by the candidates in the 2017 presidential election and look into the distribution of its utilisation per candidate. This project is based on a database of more than 150 speeches – so more than a million of words – held by the candidates. Built, since January 30th, 2017, with their oral and written interventions retranscriptions (meetings, interviews in newspapers, radio and TV programmes, social networks lives and debates), this database has been feeded until the election's second round. I had to watch candidates' speeches and read over retranscriptions to feed the database. I wrote articles too.


logo Euronews

Euronews / 2016-2017 / Lyon, France

During the last year of my formation, we can work for a Lyon-based media. So, I work in the Euronews' new media office. On the programme : articles writing and translation from English to French, no comment videos editing, introduction to Facebook lives and 360-degree videos, etc.


logo Paris Match

Data Match / August 2016 / Levallois-Perret, France

This was my firt experience in data journalism. For a month, I've improved my technical knowledge of data processing tools. For "Data Match", I built up databases about varied topics, I helped with some current projects and wrote articles for Paris Match's website.


logo VDN

La Voix du Nord / July 2016 / Roubaix, France

As a local journalist, I wrote reports in Roubaix, a town in the suburb of Lille. At the office, I corrected and edited articles for the printing and the web.


logo Soleil

Le Soleil / February - May 2016 / Dakar, Senegal

As a journalist in the Society and Culture offices of the Senegalese newspaper Le Soleil, I wrote reports about events where I was sent (meetings, conferences, concerts, etc.) or about subjects I proposed. As a web journalist, for the website Le Soleil online, I created infographics based on data used in articles from the paper version and I analyzed and visualised varied data sets.


logo Courrier de l'Ouest

Le Courrier de l'Ouest / November 2014 - May 2015 / Niort, France

For for 7 months, in the week-ends, I was a sub-editor for this local newspaper. I had to correct and lay-out one or two pages of hyper local pieces of information and between 4 and 6 pages about sport. On Sundays, all the sport's articles are brought together to one side in another weekly newspaper, which we had to correct.


logo France Bleu Poitou

France Bleu Poitou / November 17th to 19th, 2014 / Poitiers, France

I wanted to do this intership in this regional radio because radio was the media I knew the less. For two days, I went with journalists in the field. On the last day, I improved for a report on a subject and made a vox pop.

What I can do          


Data analysis

Shelling data basis is like a serious game for me : you must pay attention to everything to win but you have fun too. Data journalism can bring new subjects of articles from a single data's sheet. On regional or local scales, this technique can update traditional subjets, enables the reader to participate to data collection, etc. When it's done properly, a data visualization is more pedagogical than a long article and it resquests the reader's implication.


Writing, filming, editing

Thanks to my training, I know the basis of writing characteristics of each media. I'm specialized in web editing. I know HTML and CSS pretty well (I coded this website). I try to learn JavaScript and JQuery in case I would work with developers. And because video overbalances on the web, I plan to improve my skills in video shooting (with camera and mobile). I manage Final Cut X and Adobe Premiere.


Talking in
several languages

French is my mother tongue. I have been learning English since primary school and I have improved it a lot when I was in "classe prépa".
I have strong oral and written basis in Spanish. In my secondary school, I passed the A2 level. I have carried on learning and I can evaluate my level around B2 now.
Finally, I have notions in Polish that I want to polish.

Where I have studied          

logo Université Lumière Lyon 2

Master's degree in Journalism / September 2015 - May 2017 / Bron, France

This training is specialised in web journalism. It's also the only Master of Journalism in France that enables its firt year students to do an intership abroad during four months. I've carried out mine in Dakar, Senegal. Through the last year, we alternated between curses and jobs in partnership with some media companies present in Lyon. I worked for Euronews.

logo Mooc Rue89

A gap year / September 2014 - May 2015

I devoted this year to the preparation of journalism school entrance exams. In addition to internships and jobs I found, I have followed lots of Moocs, especially those proposed by the French pure player Rue89 (about data journalism, social networks, video). I was also present at a great annual French conference about journalism (les Assises du journalisme). That year there were two editions of this conference because one was dedicated to reflect the Charlie Hebdo attack. At the conclusion of the journalism school exam, I got a place in the Master of journalism in Lyon 2 University.

logo Université de Poitiers

Literature degree / September 2013 - June 2014 / Poitiers, France

To integrate a school of journalism, I needed to have a degree. So I enrolled in the University of Poitiers to polish my literature knowledge and get a modern literature degree.

logo Lycée Camille Guérin

Preparation of "grandes écoles" entrance exam, literature career / September 2011 - June 2013 / Poitiers, France

The first year, (hypokhâgne) enabled me to enhance my general knowledge with some extra geopolitical curses in option. I continued in Khâgne Lyon the following year and I specialized in modern literature. I also learned to work under pressure, because we prepared the exam of the "Ecole normale supérieure". These two years have been validated with the mention "Good".

logo LP2I

Secondary school / September 2008 - June 2011 / Jaunay-Clan, France

During my first year in secondary school, we had to make a newspaper and a radio show in groups. It was my first contact with journalism. We also had to be involved in a project launched by other pupils. During my last year in this school, I set my own project : writing and directing a play in which 15 actors took part. That same year, I passed the equivalent of Economics and Management A levels.

What I like          

Théâtre comique

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